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We are a security Agency that provide  unarmed security service to clients.  Once trained, the new Guards are deployed as part of our Guard Force to protect the personnel and assets of AVSS clients. Read More

Personnel & Asset Tracking

The system is a Hybrid system which utilizes both GPRS and GSM for communication links between the unit and the AVSS control room. The unit is pre-programmed to send specific encoded messages at dedicated intervals which are then decoded in the AVSS control room.

Mobile Protection Team

The MPT consists of a vehicle manned by a Driver, Supervisor, and Armed or Unarmed Guards. The MPTs are available to be deployed to escort and protect personnel such as VIPs, engineers, surveyors, de-miners and inspectors operating in remote or high threat level areas, such as road building or renovation projects, bridge construction, or aggregate harvesting sites, and patrol large acreage industrial, agricultural or construction perimeters, such as water sourcing and distribution, energy generation, oil exploration and production, and mineral extraction sites.

Convoy Escorts

African Veracity Security Services offers armed & unarmed convoy escort services for cargo & personnel.

Technical Security Services

AVSS has range of electronic security products to enhance the overall safety and security of client premises.
Some of those products include:-
Panic & intruder alarm systems.
CCTV Systems
Bio-Metric (fingerprint) and proximity card or pin electronic access control systems.
Electronic door locks

Unarmed Guards

Enjoy a hassle free arrival at Juba International Airport and au Airport by using the AVSS ‘Meet and Greet’ service. You will be met airside by a member of the AVSS management team and taken to a lounge where you can relax while we process your documentation.

Security Training

AVSS can offer clients in country training for:
First Aid
Situation Awareness
Security Guards

Join Us  and Enjoy Secure Homes,Company , Assets etc