African Veracity Security Services (AVSS) Where Veracity is truthfulness or act of being exact and accurate or correctness and carefulness in one’s plan of action

AVSS was formed in 2020. Today a 21% total shareholding of AVSS is South Sudanese as required by the Republic of South Sudan in terms of the Private Security Companies Rules and Regulations 2013. AVSS Senior Management consists of an experienced team of expatriates.

AVSS provides an unarmed security service to clients and to help  trained, the new Guards are deployed as part of our Guard Force to protect the personnel and assets of AVSS clients.

The range of services that AVSS can provide includes:

  • Civil Labour Manpower (non-engineering) in the Oilfield regions of South Sudan.
  • Unarmed manned guarding (static guards and foot pators).
  • An Unarmed Vehicular patrols, Escorts and Mobile Protection Teams (MPTs)
  • Intruder and Panic alarm systems with armed response.
  • An Unarmed VIP protection-Wau South Sudan.
  • Client meet and greet/escort services – Wau South Sudan.
  • CCTV, security lighting, electronic access control systems.
  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Security Audits, reports and recommendations.
  • Installation and monitoring of on-line vehicle tracking equipment.
  • Security consultancy.
  • Emergency planning including evacuation planning
  • Defensive and protective Driver Training.

 In terms of the Private Security Companies Regulations to Provide Security services in all states as required by the Republic of South Sudan.