1. Corporate Safety. Support and trust from host nation due to the reintegration strategy for former soldiers, business ethics and the employment opportunities we create.
  2. Training. All Guards are initially trained and tested on a highly demanding and professionally organized training course. The basic training course is 21 days & the periodic refresher- training course is 6 days. After completion of the basic training course Armed Guards undergo an intense 5-day theoretical & practical training course specific to the particular weapon they will be issued with. The course entails international standards on firearms handling, rules of engagement as well as local legislation pertaining to the possession, handling and use of firearms. An International Training Manager conducts the AVSS training courses.
  3. Strength and Depth of Management. We respond to problems immediately because we maintain a real depth of management. Currently, AVSS has six International Managers,i.e Country Director, Managing Director, Operation Manager, Deputy operation Manager, Technician Manager, Training Manager all with considerable security experience and over 30 local managers, all of whom have developed from within our own ranks.
  4. AVSS is a South Sudan registered company. All required certificates and licenses, both corporate and individual are held and available upon request.
  5. Insurance.