AVSS offer a personal, Vehicle and an Asset tracking service within South Sudan. The system is a Hybrid system which utilizes both GPRS and GSM for communication links between the unit and the AVSS control room. The unit is pre-programmed to send specific encoded messages at dedicated intervals which are then decoded in the AVSS control room. The management software provides remote operations such as disabling the vehicle. AVSS will continuously monitoring the device. The system is linked to all major online maps i.e. Google Maps, Tracks for Africa etc.

AVSS uses one specific brand of hardware for the personal, Vehicle and Asset tracking which offers very powerful positioning hardware. The vehicle tracking units have a range of optional extras-for example

  • Panic buttons
  • Microphones
  • Early movement warning senor

AVSS offer as a standard package the response and recovery service for clients.

AVSS can provide a detailed monthly report to clients with specific details on routes used, driver behavior i.e. speeding, harsh braking etc.